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Why my IPhone battery started to die after update to IOS 11?

I think almost all IOS users after the last update from version 10 to 11 started to ask “WTF with my battery?”, “Today morning it was 100% but after two hours only 50% of battery!”.

Guys, if you still asking yourself about that problem or if you don’t know about that issue yet, I’ll show the reason and how to fix it!

Let’s check the next two screens.

On the first pic we have locked screen and no Bluetooth icon presented? We can see as well on Control Center panel, second pic. So, looks like bluetooth is OFF. But if you go to Settings >> Bluetooth, you realized that it’s still ON. The same issue for Wi-Fi.

I think that’s the BIGGEST Apple issue of this IOS release.

So just to summarize, if you want to turn OFF your bluetooth or Wi-Fi do it from Settings but not from the Control Center panel! Because it doesn’t work now and Your phone “will eat” Your battery as a hungry wolf.

Be happy and more smiles!

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